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Book of mormon is an enticing experience for all the theatre lovers. Book of mormon London, displays the work of world’s most successful rock’n’roll band, by using dazzling video footage.

The stimulating London musical, Book of mormon, brilliantly presents the musical era of 60s. Beatlemania has been beautifully revived with live performances at the magnificent Prince of Wales London Theatre

West End Theatre in Coventry Street close to Leicester Square in the City of Westminister. In the year 1884.

Book of Mormon London

The comical satire, The Book of Mormon after winning the heart of theatregoers in America is all set to commence its West End inning at the Prince of Wales Theatre London. The show has been conceived by writers of numerous outstanding sitcoms like South Park, Trey Parker and his buddy Matt Stones. The man who co-created the widely successful musical Avenue Q, Robert Lopez has joined Stones and parker in this endeavour.

The musical which has won of nine Tony Awards has been brought to West End by the original creative team. The Book of Mormon London show is set to entertain theatregoers at the Prince of Wales Theatre from 21st March 2013. Considering the popular ratings it has received during its run in America, the show is inevitable to witness grand opening in London.

The Book of Mormon transports audiences to one of the countryside in Uganda. It features the struggle of two Mormon Missionaries, Price and Cunningham to share their scripture the Book of Mormon with the natives there and which, only Price well aware of. The duo is robbed at gun-point upon arrival in the African nation while the villagers share with them their daily mundane that highlights their struggle against poverty, famine, war and AIDS.

Both the missionaries are shocked at the cultural differences. Life is all the more miserable for Price because of the mission rule that allows him to part with Cunningham only for reasons pertaining to bathroom! The Book of Mormon London features songs like Spooky Mormon Hell Dream, I Am Africa, Baptize Me, All American Prophet and Tomorrow Is A Latter Day. The scores of the musical are mesmerizing; audiences will find it tough to control their laughter while sailing through its hilarious plot.